insilicoIDE 0.1.0 How to Install

for both packages

  1. Download the archive of insilicoIDE.
  2. Unzip it in any directory where you want to place the application.
  3. You will find the following files.

If you double click insilicoIDE.exe, you will find white canvas of insilicoIDE, which means the installation was done successfully. Note that glut32.dll should be in the same directory with insilicoIDE, or in the directory C:\WINDOWS\system32.

Large simulations

Large simulations generated by ISIDE can be run faster by compiling and executing them on a cluster using MPI (Message Passing Interface).

  • To generate a parallel simulation, check the "Generate MPI Parallel Simulation" option when generating the simulation source in ISIDE.

  • To compile the simulation, use "mpicxx" or the equivalent MPI C++ compiler. The METIS library is required to compile parallel simulations, available at

  • To execute the simulation, use "mpirun -np ### ./simulation", where ### is the number of processors to use. The simulation results will appear in multiple files, one for each processor (result_0.dat, result_1.dat, etc).

for insilicoIDE 0.1.0pg package

Additionary you need to install libraries related to python and GTK. The relevant libraries are the following.

Library File Name
1 Gtk+ Development Environment for windows gtk-dev-2.12.9-win32-2.exe
2 Python 2.5.2 python-2.5.2.msi
3 Numerical Python 1.1.0 numpy-1.1.0-win32-superpack-python2.5.exe
4 Python bindings for the cairo graphics library 1.4.12 pycairo-1.4.12-1.win32-py2.5.exe
5 the Python bindings for GObject pygobject-2.14.1-1.win32-py2.5.exe
6 GTK+ for Python pygtk-2.12.1-2.win32-py2.5.exe
7 A pure python plotting library matplotlib-0.98.1-win32-py2.5.exe

Please follow each installation indication for each library. Almost all cases, what you need to do is to download them and double click them. Please install the python ralated libraries in the order of listed in the table.

It is required to locate which is included in the package at the same folder as

When users try to draw a graph of simulated waveforms, the insilicoIDE in the 0.1.0pg package generates C++ source codes, compiles the codes and runs the simulation behind. In this process, the insilicoIDE uses Visual C++ compiler located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\bin\cl.exe. Users need to install Visual C++ 2005. Users can download Visual C++ 2005 express edition (for free) from For the moment, insilicoIDE does not support Windows Vista.